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Operation Desert Storm

Based on a British Forces training camp, Operation Desert Storm is the perfect recreation of a modern day Middle Eastern warzone. A convoy of six military vehicles ferrying the President from his hotel to the American Embassy has been attacked en route.  Your mission as Bodyguards is to deliver the President to the Embassy without harm. Unfortunately the local Insurgents have another idea –they have made the American leader their number one target.

Gameplay Overview

Players are split into two teams: the Coalition Forces and the Iraqi Guard. The mission of the Coalition Forces is to advance through the desert terrain, overcoming various obstacles, to capture strategic points held by the Iraqi Guard. The Iraqi Guard's objective is to defend these positions and repel the Coalition advance, using the landscape to their advantage.

Zone Features

  • Realistic Desert Terrain: Navigate through a battlefield designed to mimic a harsh desert environment, featuring sand dunes, makeshift bunkers, and oil barrels for cover.
  • Tactical Play Areas: The zone includes strategically placed hideouts and high ground, offering ample opportunities for ambushes and defensive setups.

Game Rules

  • The boundaries of the game are marked by yellow ropes. Players stepping outside these boundaries are deemed out of play and must proceed to the "dead zone," designated with blue flags.
  • Each game lasts for approximately 20 minutes, encouraging rapid and dynamic gameplay. Players should ensure they are equipped with enough supplies for the duration, as there's no re-entry to the safe zone once the game starts.
  • The roles of the Coalition Forces and the Iraqi Guard are alternated between teams to allow players to experience both offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Between games, teams will have the opportunity to retreat to the safe zone for a short break. This time can be used to reload, regroup, and strategize for the next round based on insights gained from previous engagements.
Dive into the tactical complexity of Operation Desert Storm, where strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking are key to mastering the challenges of desert combat in paintball form.

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