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D Day Landing

The date is Tuesday 6th June. The year is 1944. The biggest amphibious air and land invasion the world has ever witnessed is about to commence. Allied forces are heading for the Normandy coast under the code name ‘Operation Neptune’.

Waiting for them are the SS, the German defence corps. The Allied forces must deploy from their vast fleet of landing craft and endure ferocious fire from the enemy as they advance up the beaches. Once on dry land, the Allied forces must climb the cliffs and secure as many German bunkers as they can, allowing their comrades to land safely on the beaches below.

As the SS, it is your job to protect your complex of bunkers and stop the Allied forces from taking control.

The Allied forces will need heavy fire and smoke grenades to advance from their landing crafts, while the SS may want to strategically deploy paint grenades as the Allies clamber from their boats.

This is an action packed game where both sides will need to rely on good team communication.

Did you know our game zones are movie set quality?

Much like our Viet Cong Village and Siege of Stalingrad game zones, D Day Landing was designed to simulate a historical event; in this case the iconic Normandy beach landings of 1944. Amphibious landing craft and tank traps are the order of the day in this impressive war scenario.

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