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Castle Wallenberg

Deep within the dungeons of Castle Wallenberg resides a small group of Germany’s finest scientists. They have been briefed by the German high command to make the ultimate chemical weapon of destruction. Allied intelligence indicates their deadly deed is nearing completion, and time is of the essence.

It’s the Commandos’ mission to storm the castle, destroy the lab and collect the flag, but standing in their way are heavily armed German Guards. To evade the Guards and destroy the lab the Commandos must strike quickly, surround the castle and take the enemy by surprise.

This scenario is perfect for smoke grenades. A concentrated blanket of smoke in front of the castle should allow the Commandos to advance past the Guards without detection. Just remember to check the wind direction before deploying!

The Guards must keep their wits about them at all times. The attacking team are likely to surround the castle and advance from all angles. Vigilance and team communication are musts.

Did you know our game zones are movie set quality?

Imposing castle gates, a wooden drawbridge and a gigantic catapult - three things you'd expect to find at a two-storey fortress in the woods, right? Our outstanding Castle Wallenberg game zone is sure to impress even the most seasoned snipers!

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