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Black Hawk Down

The date is 3rd October 1993. You are part of Operation Gothic Serpent in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. As your Navy Seal unit progresses silently through the ghostly streets into enemy territory you hear a massive explosion overhead. An Allied Black Hawk helicopter has crash landed after being struck by an enemy RPG.

Somehow the pilot has survived the crash and has activated his distress signal. Your unit’s mission is to progress towards the downed chopper and rescue the stricken pilot before the Insurgents get to him. You have unlimited lives, but only 15 minutes to transport the pilot to the extraction point.

Insurgents – your goal is to beat the Navy Seals to the helicopter and assassinate the pilot. You only have one life each, so make it count. Splitting your team into two may give you the best chance of winning, with one half targeting the pilot as the others provide defensive cover fire.

Did you know our game zones are movie set quality?

Ever wanted to get inside a genuine Black Hawk helicopter? Well now you can! Our Black Hawk Down game zone is home to a decomissioned Black Hawk chopper, weighing a staggering two tonnes. Can you save the stricken pilot from almost certain death?

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