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A Bridge Too Far

It’s the height of the Great War, both the Allied and Axis powers are battling to win possession of the valuable bridge systems and the surrounding areas. Both sets of troops are well aware that if they fail to claim the main bridge it will fall into the wrong hands and their mission will put them in grave danger.

To win the game, the Axis and Allied powers must battle to capture the flag from the main bridge and transport it safely to their enemy’s base. Both sides start on opposing sides of the main bridge, with ‘no man’s land’ in between. The only way to cross the field is via the bridge system, so laying down high firepower is vital if you want to progress into enemy territory.

The bridges are littered with defensive barricades which both teams can use for cover. Flashbangs can be utilised to entice enemy players from their hiding places.

This is a strategic game where both teams must claim territory without exposing their position. Utilise the barricades and progress forward as a unit.

Did you know our game zones are movie set quality?

Secret bunkers, fortified crossings and military trucks are the order of the day in our A Bridge Too Far game zone. You’re entering a war in the Dutch countryside, and only the bravest will survive. Can you capture the flag and lead your team to victory?

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