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Zombies’ crypt

An eerie two storey church with zombie-infected tombs awaits you. Your team are determined to eradicate the undead, however you're up against truly evil forces. There are rumours that a holy book can stop the zombies. It's in the church somewhere, all you and your men need to do is find it before the other team do. Watch out though, one shot from a paintball and you may become one of the undead yourselves.

Gameplay Overview

Participants are divided into two groups: survivors and zombies. The Survivors' objective is to navigate through the crypt, a maze of dark corridors and eerie chambers, to find the cure hidden within. The zombies' role is to hinder the survivors' progress and "infect" them by marking them with paint. This intense game of cat and mouse tests both strategy and survival skills in an atmosphere thick with suspense.

Zone Features

  • Haunted Crypt Setting: Brave the macabre atmosphere of an ancient crypt, crafted with detailed Gothic elements, creating a genuinely immersive horror experience.
  • Strategically Designed Layout: The crypt is designed with numerous hiding spots and narrow passageways, perfect for surprise encounters and nerve-wracking ambushes.

Game Rules

  • The boundaries of the game are clearly marked by black boundary ropes. Players stepping outside these ropes are out of the game and must move to the "dead zone," indicated by white flags.
  • Each game session runs for approximately 20 minutes, challenging players to maintain their composure and focus under pressure. All participants should carry enough ammunition and gear for the entirety of the game, as exits to the safe zone are not allowed during play.
  • Players switch roles between survivors and zombies to fully experience the thrills and challenges of both sides.
  • At the end of each game, there is time allocated for teams to return to the safe area. This interval allows for reloading, regrouping, and strategizing for the next session.
Dare to enter the Zombies' Crypt, where each corner turned could bring heart-pounding encounters and test your ability to outsmart the undead lurking in the shadows.

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