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Zombie Paintballing  Halloween

Three Terrifying Reasons to go Zombie Paintballing This Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast and zombies, ghouls and goblins will soon be hammering at your door. As ever the little monsters will be demanding that you hand over your hard earned cash or part with the sweets that you probably shouldn't be eating anyway. It's just so unfair!

Well why should they have all the fun? If you're like me, you probably still love the idea of dressing up and having fun. So why not get yourself into a costume and head over to one of our many paintballing centres and embrace the Halloween spirit for yourself.

Spooky Zombie Game Zones Perfect for Halloween

The Haunted Graveyard and Zombie Crypt are teeming with zombies so why not come down and test your shooting skills? We also have 27 other game zones, each themed and styled with incredible attention to detail. Even if you're used to being a serious grown up, you'll soon find yourself getting swept away in the action as you fight for survival against teams of zombies in full immersive environments.

Wear a Halloween Costume and Terrify Your Mates

As long as you've got our top quality safety equipment on, you're free to wear whatever you like (within reason!) whether you want to recreate Stephen King's Pennywise clown or slip into a Werewolf costume as you take to our game zones, the choice is yours. Just remember that you're not really a werewolf and biting and dismembering each other really isn't acceptable behaviour and will probably ruin the fun.

Team Based Paintball Games such as Zombies VS Vampires!

With a large enough group our marshals will be happy to organise monster specific game types, so you really can see who would win between the zombies and vampires. We can help you recreate pretty much any scenario and even if we can't, you'll still have a great time thanks to our friendly staff that want you to get the most out of your paintballing experience with

Book a paintballing day with now by calling 0843 775 6062 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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