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Paintballing Terminator

Choose Paintball Over Video Games This Half Term Holiday

Half term is here and kids around the country will be looking for something fun to do with all of their extra time. The vast majority of kids will be perfectly content to seal themselves away in a darkened bedroom with the latest video game or action film. Wouldn't it be better though if they could experience that same kind of action and adrenaline for real whilst safely exercising outdoors?

Safe Paintballing Action For Kids

Navigating our paintball game zones whilst under fire is an experience not to be missed. Rather than controlling an imaginary player in a virtual environment, your kids will be able to experience such scenarios for themselves. The best part of all is that they will be doing this in a safe and controlled manner thanks to our award winning safety equipment and accessories. Trained game marshals are also on hand to monitor and supervise players in and out of game zones. If necessary you don't even have to stay on the premises because all of our staff are experienced at keeping over 360,000 kids safe, each and every year.

Realistic Paintball Battle Zones

Your kids will benefit from a large selection of paintballing game zones that have been hand built by a dedicated productions team. What better way to enjoy a half term holiday than clearing the Haunted Graveyard of zombies or storming Castle Wallenberg? Each zone has been created with a certain theme in mind and the attention to detail is staggering. You really must visit one of our centres and see for yourself.

Beware the Paintballing Terminator

Rumour has it that a cybernetic warrior, armed to the teeth patrols our game zones at random. Those that have faced the terminator in the past have described him as being tall, menacing and in possession of a rather funny accent. This paintballing veteran is on the hunt for a worthy opponent, capable of defeating him and being crowned as a true hero of the game zones. Those brave enough to face him will require skills and cunning to achieve victory but will be rewarded with the warriors unique weapons upon his defeat.

Please Note: Parents must complete a consent form for any children aged 16 or under. We also provide an Information Guide For Parents that should answer any questions or concerns you may have prior to booking. If you have any other questions please give us a call.


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