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We kick off at 9:00am with a full safety briefing when we’ll show you how to use the guns and give you a few basic do’s and don’ts to get you through the day. You’ll then be split into teams of around fifteen to twenty per side and paired up against another team who you’ll challenge throughout the day. You’ll next to be taken to the firing range where you can take a few pot-shots and get used to the semi-automatic guns. You’ll then embark on a series of twelve games, each lasting around twenty minutes and set in six awesome game-zones which include tanks, helicopters, even a huge fortress. You’ll be set a different objective in each arena which will include things like defending a fortress, capturing a flag, rescuing a hostage, and you’ll have to work as a team if you are going to be successful.
Crewe paintball day resgistration
You’ll get a break every two games when the team returns to the base-camp to stock up on ammo and have a brief rest. We also have a half hour break at 1:00pm for lunch when hot pizzas are available to purchase from our canteen.
Crewe paintball day lunch
After lunch you’ll play the remaining three game-zones, culminating in the twelfth game; Speedball in which it’s all versus all with nowhere to hide, it’s intense!
Crewe paintball day game zones
We finally round the day off with a lighthearted prize ceremony when we call the victors up to the stage to receive their winnings.
Crewe paintball players
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