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Your paintballing day starts at 9am and will involve at least 12 games of paintball with a 30 minute break for lunch. The day will conclude at around 4:30pm, however this can change due to seasonal factors - such as the days being shorter during the winter. For your convenience a simplified itinerary is available by clicking here.

9am - 10am
Getting geared up

You will hand in your completed registration forms and collect all the kit needed for the day. This is the ideal time to stock up on paintballs and any other optional equipment that you might need. You will then be assigned into a team as denoted by a coloured armband.

10am - 10:15am
Safety briefing & target practice

All players must attend the briefing and give their complete attention. This part can get a little bit serious and that's because your safety is always taken very seriously. The briefing will be delivered in person by the centre manager or broadcasted over the PA system. Following the briefing you will move into the gun zone where you can test out your paintball gun on the firing range.

10:15am - 1pm
Paintball games 1 - 6

This is when the action begins. You will play 2 games per gamezone over 3 varied game zones. This is to give you the chance experience both attacking and defending on each gamezone. Throughout the games, paintball marshals will patrol the area, keeping a close eye on the action. If you require any assistance at any time do not hesitate to speak to one of them.

1pm - 1:30pm

You can purchase drinks, crisps, sweets and a hot lunch. Alternatively, groups are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks. All centres supply 9" personal pizzas for lunch (with the exception of Horizon Plymouth - they serve giant pasties instead! The pizzas are supplied by Perfect Pizza (or similar national chain). Complimentary tea and coffee is also served throughout the day.

1:30pm - 3:45pm
Paintball games 7 - 12

Enjoy 6 more games of paintball on 3 different game zones. This is your chance to even the score or further increase your lead following the first 6 games. Hopefully the 'enemy' team will have overindulged at lunchtime, making them easy picking!

3:45pm - 4pm
Awards ceremony

Discover how well or not so well you did during the 12 games. The winners of the day will receive a certificate in recognition of their victory. It's all just a bit of fun though and there is always another day for a re-match!

4pm - 4:30pm
The hunger games

If time and daylight permits you may be able to even out those scores a little sooner than you thought. As you might imagine, the hunger games is an all out death match with the last man standing as the victor. Will it be you?

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