Paintball Romford

Paintball Romford


£5.99 per person for full day entry and equipment hire
For a limited time our paintball centre in Romford is offering one of the best value full day paintball events in East London. For full details of our £5.99 for entrance and equipment offer, please view the prices tab. Paintball is the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies in London; spend a full day covering your friends and family in paint amongst movie-set quality game zones. Book a day out at the Romford centre for the best paintball experience the capital has to offer!
The East London paintball centre offers an extensive selection of paintball game zones to explore at this incredible outdoor paintball centre. Get your mates together and get set for the paintball adventure of a lifetime! Take on Tomb Raider, a crowd favourite at the Romford paintball centre, which features a vast stone pyramid surrounded by Easter Island statues. Or be the ero of the hour and rescue the hostages trapped in the lifesize aeroplane in the Jet Hijack game zone. Call the friendly booking team now on 0844 477 5071 and book your paintball experience at the Romford paintball centre. 


The prices at the Romford centre

Our exclusive deal at our Romford paintball centre is entrany and equipment hire for a full day of action for £5.99.
Paintball Prices: 
Customers can also buy additional paintballs on the day from only £6.99 per 100 in bulk boxes of 1000, or £7.99 per 100 in individual bags of 100. 
Visitors at the Romford paintball centre can also order hot pizza lunches at £4.99 per person. Just let us know when you make your booking, or on the day of your event.

Game Zones

Game zones at the Romford paintball centre
At our east London centre we have the following game zones: 
Command Post
The insurgents’ base has been located deep in the Afghan mountains. It’s time to smoke 'em out with plastic explosives!
Chemical Alley
What once used to be a majestic forest is now a barren wasteland with just a handful of fuel barrels to offer cover from your enemies. Think fast and watch that sparks don't fly! 
Flight DF777 - Jet Hijack
Flight DF777 has been high-jacked by a notorious terrorist group and it's up to you and your forces to surround the grounded aircraft and take out the criminals without harming the passengers. 
Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack
Your fight takes you far from civilisation and into the heart of a dense rainforest. Adapt to the jungle environment and save a trapped airman before your enemies get to him first.
Minefield Attack
You'll need to watch your step and keep your wits about you in this game zone. Tread lightly and try not to set off any mines. Move quickly to secure the bunker on the other side before your enemies do!
London Apocalypse
Sudden enemy fire forces you to retreat into a nearby woodland to take cover inside an old bus. Will you put your life on the line and protect 'the president' until reinforcements arrive? The world is counting on you.
Viet Cong Village
It’s up to you to return peace to this village deep within the Viet Cong jungle. Tread carefully to avoid the minefield surrounding the village as you capture the huts one by one!
Zombie's Crypt
The mysterious crypt is home to a group of dangerous, undead corpses who attack anyone in sight. Seize the holy book to bring peace to the forest. 

Minimum Age

Minimum Age
10+ years (Regular Paintball)