Paintball Cheshire

Paintball Cheshire


£5.99 per person for full day entry and equipment hire

The Cheshire paintball centre is offering a special deal for full day experiences at our leading paintball centre in North West England! For more information on this amazing offer, check out the prices tab. For an ultimate day out experiencing the very latest in paintball equpiment and facilities, make sure you visit the Manchester paintball centre. This first class venue offers a huge selection of thrilling game zones, complete with Hollywood style props, including: wooden village huts, creepy-looking gravestones and coffins, military trucks and more! And, suitable for anyone over the age of 10, it’s an activity that the whole family can enjoy!
We have extensive experience hosting groups celebrating their birthday, their last days of freedom as part of their stag and hen celebrations and businesses looking for a fun team building activity. Whatever the occasion, paintball is a great and memorable way to celebrate with your friends and loved ones! Call the team now on 0844 815 1755 to book a day out in Cheshire at the Manchester paintball centre.


The exclusive deal for our Cheshire centre is listed below:
£5.99 per person for full day entry and equipment hire
A full days entry and equipment hire for our Cheshire centre.
Paintball prices:
Extra paintballs can be bought on the day for £6.99 in bulk per 100 (in boxes of 1000), or £7.99 per 100 (in individual bags of 100). 
The Cheshire paintball centre offers guests hot 9” pizza lunches for just £4.99 per person. These can be ordered in advance at the time of booking, or on the morning of your event.

Game Zones

Game zones at the Cheshire centre
The Manchester paintball centre is set in the beautiful hills of Cheshire just off the M6 and the landscape provides the ultimate setting for our range of game zones. 
A Bridge Too Far
Your mission is to fight your way through the heavily defended enemy positions, seize control of the bridges that cross the river and hold them until reinforcements arrive. 
Command Post
You will need an aggressive strategy in order to be victorious here. The attacking team needs to infiltrate the enemy stronghold and detonate a bomb inside the fort.
The Haunted Graveyard
This isn't going to be a casual stroll amongst the tombstones - the haunted graveyard may become your resting place if you don't keep your wits about you.
Viet Cong Village
Members of your platoon are being held captive in a local village in the Viet Cong jungle. Your mission will need to be executed with precision as you take over the village one hut at a time.
Chemical Alley
Your team are advancing towards a heavily guarded fuel depot. You need to eliminate everyone who stands in your way and gain control of this important fuel depot at all costs!
Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack
An allied airman is behind enemy lines after being shot down. Your job is to get in, find him and get everyone out safely. But be careful, as the enemy knows every trail and hiding place.
Minefield Attack
Your mission is to capture and hold the bunker hidden deep in the forest - it's essential that you get there before the enemy. But tread carefully as the woods contain hidden landmines. 

Minimum Age

Minimum Age
10+ years (Regular Paintball)